2016 Financial Results and Merger Update

2016 was a strong year for Degree of Honor, as it realized net income of $236,809 and increased total adjusted capital to $7.3 million – the result of successful expense management, solid investment performance, and improved mortality.

“We are pleased with the outcome of 2016” said Lisa Flanary, CEO of Degree of Honor. “Our improved financial results, combined with approximately $1 million in support for charitable organizations, are the culmination of our efforts to improve the financial health and fraternal impact of the organization.”

Further information regarding Degree of Honor’s financial and fraternal impact will be available to members in the upcoming 2016 Annual Report, to be published in June.

In December 2016, the Degree of Honor Board of Directors entered into a merger agreement with Catholic Financial Life… continue reading.

What is Insurance with a Heart®?

Degree of Honor is different than an ordinary insurance company. We are founded on Christian principles that underlie our core values: faith, family, country and community.

Our mission is twofold:

We help keep families financially secure by offering affordable life insurance and annuity products, and we are chartered as a member organization to help people in need—insured members, social members, their families and communities. By providing structure and support —family support, educational support, and community support—we help our members make a difference in their own communities and on a broad scale. In addition, we offer valuable member benefits. Simply stated, we are Insurance with a Heart®.